Graduate Positions in Plant Ecology and Evolution

Graduate Positions in Plant Ecology and Evolution

Position: Graduate Positions in Plant Ecology and Evolution
Entity: University of South Carolina
Location: South Carolina, US
Stipend: $26,000/year

“The Toll lab at the University of South Carolina is recruiting graduate students (master’s or PhD). Students will develop a project on the genetic basis or ecological significance of traits contributing to adaptation and speciation in monkeyflowers.”

-A bachelor’s degree in biology.
-Interest in plant ecology and evolutionary genetics is required.
-Previous experience with any of the following is preferred but not required: plant growth, molecular biology lab work, bioinformatics, and field experience.
-We encourage all interested students to reach out, no matter your background, GPA in college, or country of residence.
-We do not require GRE scores for applicants and consider both potential master’s and doctoral students equally.
-In addition, the graduate school is waiving all graduate application fees this year.

For more information:

Katherine Toll
Department of Biological Sciences
University of South Carolina