Graduate Positions in Population Ecology

Graduate Positions in Population Ecology

Position: Graduate Positions in Population Ecology
Entity: Kansas State University (KSU)
Location: Manhattan, KS
Deadline: December 15, 2023

“We are looking for multiple PhD students to join our lab. We do a mix of population and community ecology, looking at drivers of population dynamics as well as how individual species’ population dynamics manifest into community changes. We do a mix of field and modeling work (with some greenhouse work), mostly focused on plants.

PhD students’ work could focus on one of the following projects: fire effects on native plant populations, effects of large herbivore grazing on plant population or community dynamics, or conservation of narrowly distributed plant species. All projects include the opportunity to use long-term data already collected in the system and include a significant modeling component (as well as field work). Students will be expected to develop their own research questions in their study system.”

“Before submitting a formal application, students should get in touch with Dr. Louthan at with a CV, succinct description of previous research experience and current research interests, and an explanation of why you want to join the lab. A formal application is due to the Division of Biology at KSU.”

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