Greening Youth Foundation

Greening Youth Foundation

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Entity: Greening Youth Foundation
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Greening Youth Foundation offers a variety of programs aimed at educating and engaging youth in nature conservancy and outdoor stewardship. They partner with other organizations to create opportunities for young people in the conservation field, with a focus on building a diverse and talented workforce for the future.


The requirements vary depending on the program:
– The Bridge Program: For organizations looking to hire full-time positions, they can participate in hiring events and access a pre-screened set of qualified applicants. The Bridge team recruits participants from 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) and similar programs, focusing on underrepresented applicants.
– Urban Youth Corps (UYC) Program: For inner-city youth between 17 and 25 years old, focusing on professional, economic, and character development. Participants receive training in conservation, urban agriculture, construction, financial literacy, and more. After training, participants work on various conservation projects in their communities.
– GYFted Program: An intensive training program with two tracks: the standard track prepares youth for the UYC experience, while the GYFted Tree Care track prepares youth for the tree care industry.
– HBCU Internship Program: A program for Historically Black Colleges & Universities students, offering real-world experience in preserving African American history and culture.

Specific requirements, such as age limits, educational background, and physical health, vary depending on the program.

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