MSc projects in Habitat Mapping

MSc projects in Habitat Mapping

Position: MSc projects in Habitat Mapping
Entity: Marine Institute of Memorial University
Location: St. John’s, Canada

“The 4D OCEANS Lab in the School of Ocean Technology of the Marine Institute of Memorial University, NL, is looking for MSc students with an interest in seafloor and habitat mapping. This is an inherently multi-disciplinary field, and we are looking to recruit from a range of backgrounds including seafloor mapping, spatial ecology, geology, acoustic surveying, remote sensing, and geostatistics.

Projects may involve activities such as the collection and processing of acoustic or imagery datasets, biological or geological samples, and statistical analysis. Research topics may involve examining species-environment relationships, developing automated classification techniques, addressing issues of scales, and much more. Students will be encouraged to develop their own line of scientific inquiry.

– Strong quantitative background, fieldwork (e.g. boat handling or offshore) experience, and prior research activities.”

If you are interested, please send a CV and a brief statement of your research interest to:

For more information: