Virtual and Travel Internships (Agriculture)

Virtual and Travel Internships (Agriculture)

Programs: Virtual and Travel Internships (Agriculture)
Entity: mano-Y-ola
Location: Multiple locations, US & PR
Term: Part-time & Full-time
Stipend: Paid internships

“mano-Y-ola’s team designs, organizes, and evaluates the implementation of internship programs as well as outreach education efforts to assist Hispanic / Latino farmers in Puerto Rico and the Southeast Region of the United States, particularly enhancing farmers’ knowledge of agricultural conservation and USDA programs.”

-The Virtual internship students receive training in natural resources conservation and agribusiness, as well as coaching on leadership and professionalism, and then implement what they have learned on a farm in their community. This internship is a part-time, 44 hours, paid internship held from January to March in the evenings.

-The Travel internship program will provide you with an opportunity to learn and experience the USDA Division of Natural Resources Conservation Services. The summer internship will be at Southeastern NRCS offices, among these, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, and many more. Some of the selected interns will be working under the supervision of local conservationists and professionals working on outreach efforts to support Hispanic farmers in the area. This internship is a full-time, six weeks, paid internship. Travel and housing stipend are available.

-Individuals with a university or advanced degree in: Business and Industry Student Trainee; Quality Inspection Student Trainee; Social Science Student Trainee; Biological Science Student Trainee; Engineering and Architecture Student Trainee.
-Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and/or college graduates.
-Bilingual individuals with the ability to read, write, and speak English and Spanish proficiently.
-Valid driver’s license.

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